Nature Spirit Freeze Dried Tongkat Ali


    Nature Spirit Freeze Dried Tongkat Ali


    Nature Spirit Freeze Dried Tongkat Ali

    Product - Nature Spirit Tongkat Ali

    Tongkat Ali, scientific name Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, or nan yang ginseng, the Malaysia’s treasure. It is the most commonly consumed herbs by the local in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Together with bird nest and tin ware, they are named as the three treasure of Malaysia. Currently, Tongkat Ali is the most valued traditional herbs by the current medical world and is selling fast around the globe. Tongkat Ali is also named as the Malaysian ginseng as it is rich in flavonoids and the content is 5 times higher than ginseng.
    It is very difficult to obtain Tongkat Ali and it miraculous properties can be dated back to ancient time. The indigenous people of Southeast Asia had discovered the medical properties since the last century and it is consumed as traditional medicine as well as nourishment. The local believe that it is the panacea for all kind of disease. Traditionally, Tongkat Ali is used to improve the immunity system, to preserve health and prolong life, postpartum nourishment, reduce stress, tonify kidney, aids in controlling diabetics, high blood pressure, rheumatism, gout, prostatits, cancer, etc. It is the world best organic medicine that increases libido. The latest medical test reveals that consumption Tongkat Ali doesn’t have any side effect and no other medicine can compete with Tongkat Ali in respect of the effectiveness in increasing libido.

    Tongkat Ali is suitable for both male and female and it is proven to have the following effects.
    1. Boost testosterone level naturally, with the highest achievement of 4.4 times higher than usual, prompt the ‘second puberty’ among consumer.
    2. Boost energy, reduce depression and relieve stress.
    3. Burn fat, stimulate muscle growth and facial beautification.
    4. Kidney cleanse and detoxification, effectively strengthen kidneys, has obvious effect in kidney protection.
    5. Increase sperm count and quality, promote reproductive health. (in animal test, the reproductive level is 3 times higher than ordinary)
    6. Restore and nourish gonad, reproductive system and help to mitigate prostatitis symptoms.
    7. Promote blood circulative system and increase metabolism rate, regulate endocrine system while improve immunity system naturally.
    8. Prolong life, anti-aging, antioxidant, improve memory.
    9. Minimize risk of suffering heart attack, Myocardial infarction and Alzheimer’s disease.
    10. Effective in deferring menopause.
    11. Postpartum medicine, speed up the process of slimming after giving birth.
    12. Resist ulcer, allergic reaction, tuberculosis, malaria, jaundice.
    13. Increase male libido and energy, nourish kidney and liver and act as aphrodisiac.

    Resist Cancer and AIDS
    1) A researcher from University of Tokyo, medical faculty extracted substances that can fight cancer. According to their experiment, beta-carboline extracted from Tongkat Ali has considerable therapeutic effect in the treatment for breast cancer, lungs cancer and colorectal cancer.
    2) Another research funded by the Malaysia government, carry out by a research institution together with the research team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology also discovered that Tongkat Ali contain high level of substances that can fight cancer and HIV. According to Abdul Razak Mohd Ali, the director of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Tongkat Ali contains chemical substances which is believe to be more effective in curing cancer than the medicine available in the current market. In addition, it is proven that Auassinoid in Tongkat Ali is can deter tumor and body heat.
    •60 tablets in a bottle, 6 bottles constitute a course of treatment.
    It is advised to consume one tablet after breakfast, however, for serious patient, takes two tablet after breakfast as well as dinner.


    Nature Spirit Freeze Dried Tongkat Ali is safe to consume as it is registered under Malaysian Ministry of Health with KKM and MAL to trace the quality of the product.